Accessible legal fee funding with SmartFee and IALPG

Funding options are of critical importance to new commercial entrants in the fields of air and space. Particularly, drone companies and space startups* need to ensure they are complying with law to safeguard their operations and succeed in their competitive national and international markets.

IALPG is proud to announce a unique and new way for aviation and space law clients to fund their legal professional fees. Through SmartFee, another proudly Queensland established company, IALPG can now offer legal fee funding which allows businesses to access our services when they need it and not just when they can afford it.

SmartFee funding is likely to be of great interest to clients who require aviation or space law advice and representation but need some flexibility and time to pay. Practically, SmartFee allows clients to split their fees into fixed repayments over 3-12 months by direct debit. This means you can get timely advice but have certainty with budgeting and planning.

With simple signup processes, no financials required, and a fast approval process its now possible for you to access the services of our specialist firm even if you are a new market entrant or facing legal disputes at a time when finances are a challenge.

SmartFee and IALPG look forward to helping you make your commercial air and space dreams a reality. Contact us to find out if you qualify.

*Must be in business for at least 12 months


SmartFee website:

See the SmartFee brochure for borrowers: SmartFee – Borrower DL Flyer final effective 0619

Contact IALPG:; +61 7 3040 1099

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