New Aviation sustainable development text

International civil aviation like most transport modes, is a substantial contributor of pollutants in the atmosphere, and this is an issue that needs constant reevaluation and attention. In the aviation sector, fuel burn currently contributes to around 2.5% of total carbon emissions, a proportion which could rise to 22% by 2050. Addressing this multifaceted issue in August this year Cambridge University Press released the book “Sustainable Development, International Aviation, and Treaty Implementation”. The book seeks to examine the effort to suppress greenhouse gas emissions from aircraft in harmony with the principles of sustainable development.

The McGill Institute of Air and Space Law and the Centre for Research in Air and Space Law proudly launched the book on the 2nd of October in Montreal. The coeditors of the book, Professor Armand L.C de Mestral, P. Paul Fitzgerald and Md. Tanveer Ahmad were in attendance to present the book and to discuss its impact.

Highlighting the firm’s commitment to sustainable development across the aerospace industry, Principal of IALPG, Joseph Wheeler, made a significant contribution to the Asia Pacific chapter he coauthored by focussing on how the international community can respond to this significant risk.

If you are interested in learning more in this area or are interested in how to order a copy of the book, head to the following link:

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