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Space Law and Policy

IALPG offers a range of specialist services for space, including assistance with launch approvals, satellite operations, export controls, procurement, insurance, telecommunications licensing, and cybersecurity. We are also actively involved in domestic and global law reform initiatives to support space actors in safely achieving their missions and efficiently delivering space-derived services to end-users.

Aviation Compensation 

We act on behalf of clients to secure fair compensation for those who have suffered significant or fatal loss from air accidents. We provide this service not only independently but we also assist a range of foreign and local law firms as “aviation counsel” including national plaintiff firms.

Aviation Law


We provide mediation services geared towards aviation industry participants so we can assist airlines or other air operators and their employees (flight crew, cabin crew, and ground staff) who find themselves in workplace disputes they cannot resolve themselves.

Migration Law

IALPG offers migration law services with a focus on assisting those with aviation-related business travel applications and disputes.


Legal Representation

We offer expert legal advice and representation with a focus on aviation/aerospace matters but can assist with general civil litigation affecting small businesses and some minor criminal cases (defence).

UAV and High Altitude Balloons

Our team understands the unique challenges and complexities facing drone pilots and balloon operators, and as such we offer legal and policy advice. To ensure the framework is improved for these pilots and operators, IALPG regularly contributes to Australian drone safety regulation law reform efforts.


Aviation Licensing and Medical Certification

Whether you’re flying recreationally or for commercial purposes, IALPG is here to help you obtain and keep your airworthiness approval for aircraft and your medical clearance to pilot aircraft of all kinds. We offer assistance in preparing your best case before the regulatory body and in securing expert medical opinions as well as providing legal representation if you need to appeal regulatory decisions.

Corporate Law, Contracting and Business Operations

IALPG through its sister practice Wheeler Litigation Lawyers assists clients seeking to expand their activities or mature their corporate structure. We offer advice on complying with corporate regulations, including in the areas of privacy, cybersecurity, antitrust and director obligations. Additionally, we offer assistance on domestic and international contracting and on establishing and maintaining risk mitigation measures and quality controls for your business operations.


Litigation and Consumer Affairs

Our experience in air transport law, personal injury and aviation safety enables our team to provide you with thorough legal advice and to represent you in aviation-related disputes. We are dedicated to ensuring accident victims receive fair compensation. We also provide advice in consumer law matters, including cases of misleading conduct and unfair trade practices. In addition, general business legal advice is available through IALPG by way of its sister practice Wheeler Litigation Lawyers.

International Trade and Public Law

We provide expertise in various areas of international trade including investment regulations, contracting and international sales, economic analysis, intellectual property, tax laws, trade regulations and labour laws. Our experienced personnel also have extensive knowledge of treaty law, security policy, human rights law, international humanitarian law and environmental law. This allows us to offer advice to governments and businesses on how such areas may affect your projects.


Aerodrome, Airport and Launch Sites

Our team has extensive experience in the development and operation of launch sites and providing guidance on airfield operations. In this capacity, we offer a range of services including assistance with development approvals, contracting, environmental law, regulatory compliance as well as operational and safety management

Education and Professional Development

IALPG’s subject matter experts teach full syllabi and deliver discrete workshops to a range of audiences such as university undergraduate and graduate students, businesses, industry associations, research organisations and government offices. Subject areas include domestic regulation, policy development, economics and entrepreneurship, aerospace procurement, risk control and aerospace medicine.


Law and Policy Reform

Our strong operational background and experience in representing clients in the private sector, not for profit/aviation advocacy, as well as unions and pilot and RPA professional associations, enables us to propose viable and practical solutions in our advocacy efforts. Our engagement in public consultations and law reform work strives to shape law and policy to best accommodate business, not-for-profits and researchers to safely achieve their goals while minimising unnecessary bureaucratic processes and burdensome legal obligations. To support and give further value to these efforts, our team regularly publishes and presents novel proposals and analyses in online media, by peer review and to international conferences.


IALPG is an aerospace law firm specialising in legal and business advice, aeromedical regulatory/administrative law, aviation compensation, law reform and education. Our passion is applying the law on behalf of our clients to ensure safe and effective aerospace activities.

We offer legal and policy advice and education to a wide range of clients including pilots, aviation and airport operators, insurers, drone pilots, space actors, international organisations, and law firms worldwide.


We provide added value by offering expertise and training on aviation law developments through conferences, media appearances and workshops. Our client base includes professional associations, media groups, universities, government, research entities and businesses.
Learn about our approach to assisting pilots with CASA matters in the video below. 


Joseph Wheeler

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Special Counsel

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Duncan Blake

Special Counsel, Space Law

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US Aviation Litigation

Together with PMJ PLLC in Chicago, Illinois, we are prosecuting a class action against Boeing on behalf of pilots the world over who allege they received insufficient training to fly an unsafe aircraft – the Boeing 737 MAX – and were thus defrauded into committing to fly it; and, actions for injured pilots exposed to bleed air fumes on both Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Global Aviation Litigation

We represent a variety of victims of air accidents, civilian aviators who have suffered injuries in day to day life, as well as ex-military aviators facing a broad range of legal issues. Recently we were retained to assist pilots overseas who allege they were dismissed in bad faith by their airlines due to COVID-19.

Australian Pilot Cases

Our firm represents pilots who are facing disputes with CASA in relation to their medical certificates and other qualifications, and has more experience in negotiating appropriate resolutions for them than any other firm in Australia. Our services for pilots are available by reasonable fixed fees and include dispute resolution through the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


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