International Aerospace Law & Policy Group welcomes its newest member of the team, Duncan Blake.

After 22 years serving in the Royal Australian Air Force as a legal officer in postings at the tactical, operational and strategic level in Australia and deployed abroad, Duncan recently transferred to the Reserves and joined IALPG as a Consultant.

He is recognised as a leading expert globally on the law of outer space in a military and strategic context. His experience spans legal support to military operations in all domains (land, sea, cyber, electronic and particularly air, as well as space).

In addition to his numerous formal qualifications and associated knowledge, Duncan has a wealth of practical experience, including direct support to fighter pilots before and after operational sorties, support to deliberate and dynamic aspects of the targeting cycle in an Air Operations Centre, and support to and across the highest levels of government on the application of international and domestic law to military operations.

He has chaired inter-departmental and international working groups on space law in a strategic context and written and contributed to many publications professionally and academically, including an award-winning article on legal reviews of emerging weapons.

In addition to his position as Consultant at IALPG, Duncan is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the MILAMOS Project (, a PhD candidate and continues to contribute to the Australian Defence Force as a Reserve legal officer.

Duncan became closely engaged with the Australian space industry as a whole in his last posting, where he managed the development of a concept for future military use of space, which included the essential relationship between the Defence space industry and the civil space industry.

Duncan is keen to facilitate a stronger Australian space industry, as well as finding ways for all sectors of the global space industry to collaborate in the development of global space governance for a more stable and better connected world.

For more information about the strategic, legal policy and other services which our Space Law practice can provide contact Duncan at [email protected] or [email protected]