In light of aviation safety regulators worldwide taking unprecedented unilateral action to ground the fleet of Boeing 737 Max aircraft (until more is known about the two recent and high-profile accidents involving this type), IALPG is joining forces with international lawyers including an experienced firm based in Chicago, Illinois, PMJ PLC ( where it will also have visiting offices, to investigate and advise passengers’ families on their rights in respect of a variety of the potential claims that may arise.

Overnight, both the US FAA and Transport Canada joined in temporarily suspending flying privileges for the new Boeing aircraft, and Canadian authorities did so after reviewing satellite data of the flight profiles of the two accident aircraft, and noting similarities.

Notwithstanding the ongoing official safety investigations, which can take substantial time to conclude, IALPG agrees it is a suitably risk averse and prudent step to ground the fleet, as (among other things) the commercial impost this inevitably causes to carriers will accelerate findings one way or another about the ultimate risks associated with the MAX systems, training, and software.

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