IALPG is proud to represent Wright Technologies Pty Ltd. The group of entrepreneurs from Adelaide won ActinSpace in 2018 which involved a challenge set by the French Space Agency to create new, innovative traceability services.

The prize for winning ActinSpace was a thrilling “zero gravity” experience that the team enjoyed recently, sending us this happy snap as they “floated” on their victory.

The Wright team is, among other things, working on “Seraph” a tamper proof system for drone registration with real time tracking.

Proof of their sensational  talents and potential as entrepreneurs is that on 18 March they won the South Australia Blockchain Innovation Challenge which resulted in a grant of $50,000 to go towards building a prototype of Seraph!

For more information about the Blockchain Innovation Challenge see here.

For more information about ActinSpace see here.

To read more about Wright Technologies and the fascinating work they are doing from their Adelaide base, see here, or contact us for introductions and connections at [email protected]