Professor of Law, Masutti and former flight test engineer, Tomasello, last month published a book that will be of interest to anyone involved with drone regulations (be it as an operator, insurer, lawyer or policy maker).

The authors discuss each of the fundamental considerations of drone regulation as they see it: categorisation, risk assessment and airworthiness, after an introduction to drones for the uninitiated. The book briefly touches on the legal challenges of international drone flights before delving into the separate topics of Security, Insurance and Privacy.

The book is very readable while at the same time providing the audience with a comprehensive snapshot of the law as it currently stands at the international and national level with examples predominantly taken from the EU, but liberally sprinkled with references to other nations’ laws,¬† including Australia and the United States.

With rapidly evolving drone technology and regulation, this book is a great resource which acknowledges the regulatory work currently underway across the globe, identifies what work is still required, and offers predictions for the future.

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